Welcome to WebHost Designs, your one stop shop for web and creative designs and web hosting solutions.

Website development and maintenance is our field of expertise and we are dedicated to meeting your needs 

irrespective of the usual constraints. We use the best available software on the market to develope for you that online

presence that your business/organisation requires to showcase to the world all that you are about.

Our zeal for success and an unrivalled customer experience is what keeps us giving you nothing but the best. 

Just as our parent organisation Synergy Designs (Home/Office Interior Designs Solutions), we are determined to be the best 

at  what we do, providing you with all the tools your website needs to give your business that edge over the competition.

Our services include:

    • Website Design & Development
    • Website Maintenance & Updating
    • Hosting Solutions
    • Creative & Graphic Designs  

The world wide web is our home so no matter where you are on the planet, we can be of service 

to you in all matters relating to web/creative design and hosting. 

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